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4 Tips To Prevent Ice Damming

I love building gingerbread houses during the holidays. The gumdrops and peppermints look so sweet along the roofline and front door, and of course, no gingerbread house is complete without icicles made of frosting!

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Roofing Rebates for Active Service Members and Veterans

GAF Timberline Warranties: Why We’re Proud To Be MasterElite Contractors

Feze Roofing, Inc.© has been a GAF MasterElite Contractor for over twenty years. In fact, we were one of the very first roofing contractors to be awarded that distinction in the Chicagoland area.

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Feze Roofing Inc. Fall Picture for Blog

Rain, Rain Go Away - Get in Feze Roofing’s Schedule Today!

Has your home or business been impacted by recent storms, wind, or hail? Have you found shingles in your yard or had tree limbs damage your roof? Call Feze Roofing today!

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Organic Shingles: Don't Count Out An Insurance Claim!

Organic shingles are roofing shingles made of cellulose which are saturated with asphalt. These shingles were very heavy but stood up to weather fairly well because of how much water repellent asphalt they contained.

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Increase Curb Appeal With Premium Siding

Increase Curb Appeal With Premium Siding

Cedar siding can be beautiful, but eventually, the exposure to the elements takes its toll on this natural product. Chipped paint, hail damage and discoloration of your siding can make your home appear dated.

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Seven Key Roofing Danger Signals

Seven Key Roofing Danger Signals

Are you unsure if you need a roof repair or replacement? It can be hard to tell if your roof is doing its job to keep your home safe and dry or if your roof is nearing the end of its useful life. We recommend that all homeowners look out for these seven key danger signals.

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