Seven Key Roofing Dangers

Are you unsure if you need a roof repair or replacement? It can be hard to tell if your roof is doing its job to keep your home safe and dry or if your roof is nearing the end of its useful life. We recommend that all homeowners look out for these seven key danger signals.

Early autumn is a critical time to inspect your roof for potential damage or leaks. Once the deep freezes and heavy snows of Chicagoland winters arrive, a roof issue becomes much more difficult to resolve.

1. Missing, Cracked or Curling Shingles

Your area may have suffered storm damage or your shingles could be at the end of their useful life. Asphalt shingles and other new synthetic products on the market today like GAF Timberline HDZ and DaVinci Tile and Slate products have very long (sometimes lifetime) warranties, which is great news for customers. Roofing systems and products installed in the 80’s, 90’s and early 00’s are now likely nearing the end of their expected product lifespan or are well beyond it! If your roof was installed more than 20 years ago, it might be time to start looking at replacing it, especially if you notice granule loss. The loss of granules (the rough finish on your shingles) reduces your shingles’ ability to repel water, making your roof system vulnerable to leaks. Products today incorporate the newest technologies and designs, and we’re excited to answer any questions you may have about these improved roofing options.

2. Excessive Energy Costs

Improper attic ventilation can cause your heating and air conditioning systems to run up your monthly bills. If your attic is insufficiently ventilated (or insulated) you may need to crank up the heat in the winter and the AC in the summer. If your energy bills are higher than your neighbors’, improper ventilation could be to blame. Often, we are able to improve your home’s ventilation through the installation of additional attic vents or power fans. Proper ventilation is also essential to keeping your home healthy by reducing moisture and mold growth.

3. Dark, Stained or Dirty Looking Areas on Your Roof

Dark streaks your roof can be caused by black algae that feeds off rainwater. Unsightly patchy dark or dirty lookingareas of your roof can be the result of degranulation of your shingles, signaling that their lifespan is at an end. Degranulation is a serious problem. The granules on your shingles are not for looks. Those granules protect the shingle from UV radiation and add an additional layer of water repellant. Without those granules, your shingle is likely to crack and will cause leaks and water penetration into your roofing system and home.

4. Stains on Interior Ceilings and Walls or Mold and Mildew Growth

These problems may be caused by a leak in your roofing system, allowing water to enter into your home and cause damage. Ceiling stains and mold can have several causes, from roof leaks to plumbing issues. It’s best to get a professional’s opinion on the cause if you are unsure what is causing the damage.

5. Leakage in The Attic After a Driving Rain

Leaky or inadequate shingle underlayment or deteriorated flashing are common causes of roof leaks. Sometimes these issues can be repaired and do not require a full roof system replacement, but these problems are seriousand should be evaluated by an experienced roofing contractor like Feze Roofing Inc. Left unchecked, leaks and moisture build up in your roof system and attic spaces can deteriorate the integrity of your home and cause health issues for your family and pets.

6. Leakage in The Attic After a Driving Rain

Damage to your exterior paint can be caused by excessive moisture or high humidity due to poor attic ventilation. There can be other causes of course, including exposure to the elements, humidity and age.

7. Roof Shingle, Sheating and Siding Decay

The decay and deterioration of your roofing system and siding can be caused by poor attic ventilation. Moisture can eat away at your roofing system, leaving your home vulnerable to the elements. If you’re noticing decay or mold on your shingles and siding, you may need to consider a new roof system.

Feze Roofing, Inc. has been solving these and other roofing issues for 40 years. Your roofing system is a key player in keeping your home and family safe, warm, and dry. We recommend that homeowners evaluate these factors at least annually to spot small damage and minor roofing issues so that we at Feze Roofing, Inc. can stop a minor leak before it becomes a major problem. We’ve seen everything from severe animal damage to trees falling on homes, and our experience over the last 40 years means we’ve seen it all and we know how to help.

Our experienced staff is waiting to answer your questions and give you the peace of mind that your home will be safe and dry this year. Don’t let a small leak or a failing roof system turn into a big problem! Call us today at (630) 530-5944 or fill out a contact form.

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