Don't Forget To Call The Roofer

Procrastination is an artform. It is the delicate dance of putting off for tomorrow what we don’t want to worry about today. We all know the rush of meeting deadlines last minute or screeching into the school parking lot five minutes before the bell rings. Some of us thrive on the thrill of the last minute, and others dread it. 

This is your reminder from your friendly neighborhood roofer… the last minute is here. The time is now.

We’ve had an unusually dry fall so far, so you may have forgotten about that pesky leak in the attic.

Last year, it didn’t snow until after the holidays. You may have forgotten about the ice damming over your bay window. 

It’s been dry. It’s been warm. But mother nature is unpredictable. Not all work can be done at the last minute. Ice and snow will inevitably make roofing work impossible until spring thaws. We do not know how much longer the sunny days of October will hold. 

So please, don’t forget to call Feze Roofing, Inc. soon to get in our schedule. The last minute is not the time to remember to call about your roof replacement or repair!

Winter is almost here. Call us today at 630-530-5944 or fill out a contact form below to schedule your free estimate. We’d love to make sure you’re as snug as a bug this Autumn!

Feze Roofing, Inc. is an Illinois licensed roofing contractor operating in the Chicagoland area and has been family owned for 40 years. Your home is your investment. Let us help you protect it. Call us today at 630-530-5944 or fill out a contact form for a free estimate! 

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