Does Your Roof Have Animal Damage?

As the cold weather sets in and you venture onto your roof to put up or take down your holiday lights, you may notice missing or damaged shingles, small holes, or the scurrying of tiny feet.

An inspection of your roof and attic may reveal that a variety of forest creatures have moved into your home during these winter months. Who can blame them? Your attic is cozy and warm from the rising heat in your home and it’s going to be nothing but ice and snow for months and months to come. Racoons, squirrels, bats, or birds can create holes in your roof or fascia and become unwelcome roommates in your attic. Personally, we’ve even seen chipmunks and opossum make their homes in attics. If you suspect you have unwelcome furry friends in your home:

Have the animals removed by an exterminator or humane animal removal company.

Don’t delay! The longer animals have access to your home, the more damage they can do to your roof system, insulation, wiring, and belongings.

Take a look at your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Some policies cover damage to your roof system perpetrated by adorable woodland creatures, and some don’t. The insurance industry is changing rapidly, and we’ve observed a trend towards insurance companies becoming increasingly strict about which animals they will cover and which they won’t. Wild bears, moose, and deer? Usually covered. Damage caused by squirrels, birds, and racoons? You might be on your own to cover the cost of repairs. Feze Roofing, Inc. and our sister company, Storm Solutions Public Adjusters, Inc. can help you navigate your insurance policy to make you and your home as whole as possible.

Call Feze Roofing, Inc.© today.

Schedule your roof repair to close up any existing holes in your roof, siding or fascia that allowed woodland creatures access to your home and prevent future infestations. At Feze Roofing, we are animal lovers one and all, but those cuddly creatures don’t belong in your attic.

Consider your landscaping.

We can’t stress this enough! Racoons and squirrels use tree limbs to gain access to your roof. If a large tree hangs out directly over your roof, it’s an animal highway. Pruning back your trees away from your roof line can help prevent future unwelcome visitors from taking up residence in your home and is safer for your home generally.

While you're at it, check your gutters.

Time and time again, we see gutters backed up, causing water damage to a home’s interior because birds make a nest in gutters or downspouts. Make sure your gutters and downspouts are clear of debris, including bird nests to ensure proper drainage of water away from your roof and foundation.

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