Summer Architectectural Series: The Midcentury Ranch

Frank Lloyd Wright, one of America’s most beloved architects and designers, made a lasting impact on midwestern aesthetics.

In Chicagoland alone, we are fortunate enough to have several examples of his Prairie Style designs, including his Oak Park home and studio, the Robie House in Chicago, the Emmond House in La Grange, and the Henderson House, right in our hometown of Elmhurst. Perhaps some of Wright’s most iconic homes are the ranch style homes he perfected throughout the country. Ranch homes, also known as “ramblers”, are characterized as one to one and a half stories, with gently pitched roofs and a long profile. Ranches were especially popular in the 1940’s, 1950’s and early 1960’s during the post WWII housing boom.

One of the defining characteristics of a bungalow style home is a gently pitched roof, standing at about one and half stories. At Feze Roofing, Inc. ®, we know all about bungalows and the unique role of the roof system on this style of home. Because the roof is pitched slightly lower than many homes constructed today, the roof of a bungalow plays an outsized role in the curb appeal for these historic homes.

The ranch home’s easy pitch displays the roof of this style of home prominently, making the roof an essential aspect of a ranch’s curb appeal. Ranch style homes range from modest tract homes to the heights of Prairie Style and everything in between. Check out these gorgeous ranch style homes that Feze Roofing completed in September!

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