Understanding Your Commercial Roof Warranty

If you own a restaurant, warehouse, strip mall, or other commercial building, replacing your flat deck roofing system isn’t all you have to think about. Understanding the warranty for your new roofing system is essential to maintaining the integrity of your roof and the value of your property.

The experts at Feze Roofing, Inc. ® are here to help you understand all of our commercial roofing system warranty options and requirements. We can help you choose the right option for you and your property. Some manufacturer warranties will require you to:

1. Transfer The Warranty To The New Owner of the Building

Warranties can be non-transferable or contain clauses that require you to specifically transfer the warranty to the new owner and notify the manufacturer of this change (sometimes there is a fee). If you are selling your commercial or industrial building, your agent should help you do this at or immediately after closing, and this should be included as part of your closing costs. If you fail to transfer the warranty in time, it can be voided by the manufacturer.

2. Undertake Preventative Maintenance

Some warranties will require you to have regular inspections and maintenance performed to maintain the integrity of your roofing system and address any problem areas. Make sure that you follow the warranty’s requirements about preventative maintenance and inspections and keep written records demonstrating that the inspections and repair work were performed, when, and by which contractor.

3. Understand That Not All Damage To Your Roof System Is Covered

Your manufacturer backed warranty for your commercial or industrial roofing system will not cover every possible cause of damage to your roof. Natural disasters like extremely high winds may not be covered. Other than natural disasters, we most often see punctures to the roofing system caused by people walking on the roof or doing work on the roof that is unrelated to the roofing system. For example, if you are having an HVAC system repaired and the repairman punctures your roofing system with his shoes or repair equipment, your warranty will not cover the cost of repairing those punctures. Always be mindful of who is on your roof, and ask them to tread with care.

At Feze Roofing, Inc. ® our experienced staff know the ins and outs of commercial warranties, and we can help you choose, install, and maintain your roofing system and your warranty for decades to come. Questions? Call us today at 630-530-5944 or use the contact form below to connect with us!

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