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Feze Roofing Inc. + Storm Solutions Public Adjusters
A sister company of Feze Roofing Inc. dedicated to making sure that you are made whole after your home or business suffers storm damage.

Who is Storm Solutions Public Adjusters Inc.?

Licensed Public Adjusters

At Storm Solutions Public Adjusters, Inc. we are public adjusters licensed by the State of Illinois dedicated to making sure that you are made whole after your home or business suffers storm damage. Our staff has a combined experience of well over 30 years in the exterior trades, which gives us a unique perspective that no other public adjusting firm can offer!

Watching Out For You and Your Home!

Serving The Chicagoland Suburbs

Insurance companies hire and train their own adjusters to minimize your loss and increase their profits. Insurance adjusters work for the insurance company not for the home owner.As public adjusters, we work for you as the property owner.With our extensive knowledge of insurance policies, repair costs, negotiation techniques, and the insurance industry, we ensure the maximum settlement to which you’re entitled to make you whole after a loss. Insurance companies use their own adjusters to protect their interests. Let the public adjusters at Storm Solutions even the playing field for you.

Steps To Begin Your Claim

Step 1

Evaluate: will evaluate your insurance claim at no cost to you.

Step 2

Meet Insurance Company: meet with your insurance company to discuss your claim.

Step 3

Negotiate With Your Insurance Company: to maximize your claim and make sure you're whole again after a loss from Wind, Hail or Storm Damage.

Step 4

Oversee All Repairs: Oversee reputable contractors to complete the repairs your home needs to keep you safe and sound!

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